Sure Men's T Shirt XL - Om - Elephant Head (olive green)

Sure Mens T Shirt XL - Om - Elephant Head (olive green)
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Sure Mens T Shirt XL - Om - Elephant Head (olive green)

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Very nice elephant head, looking as if through an emblem full of ornaments. The elephant is a sacred animal in Buddhism, not only because it exudes power and peace. The Queen Mayadevi is after the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha appeared a white elephant descended from heaven. In Thai mythology there Erawan, the (often multi-headed) white elephant, comparable to the mythical elephant Airavata. And last but not least Ganesha, one of the most popular gods in general. But even for non-Buddhists a very nice design on an olive green shirt.

100% Cotton Sure Shirts Thailand
Very trendy printed T-Shirt from the successful Thai-brand "Sure" made of a very comfortable thin fabric, 100% cotton and fit for washing mashine.
Extra sewn Cuffs give the shirt a modern rumpled appearance, but prevent fraying. The prints on front and back are of good quality, not palpable and wash resistant.Sure T-Shirts Thailand

Measures (approx.):

Sure is a Thai brandname
we only offer Original Sure Shirts!

Sure Shirts Onlineshop-Asia Thailand

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